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If you think about the amount of Google searches there are in Hawaii from people looking for photographers it’s mind-boggling how many there are each day. Each Hawaii vacationer will be searching for slightly different keywords on Maui, such as Maui photographers Lahaina, Maui photographers couples, Maui photographers family, Maui photographers affordable, Maui photographers weddings, Best Maui photographers, Photographers on Maui. I can go on for hours with various ways of keyword searches that happen every second of the day from thousands of people looking for great photographers to capture memories for their family portraits, wedding photography, couples photography, senior portraits, baby photography, engagement photography.

My point is are clients getting the right photographers for their needs when they type in the keyword of their choice? Many people don’t know what a keyword is, they just simply type in what they are looking for. Some Big companies on the web seem tom be good at manipulating the search to favor only those who pay the most money to them, but you may not necessarily be getting the best photographer. Honesty is always the best policy, so we stick to being absolutely honest in everything we do and we pride ourselves on making sure our photography clients are satisfied with the entire experience.

We have photographers that have been carefully chosen on all islands of Hawaii. when clients search for Maui photographers, Kauai photographers, Oahu photographers, Big Island photographers they will probably see 808 Pictures on the first page. We have clients who are coming back year after year, we even have clients who go island hoping and hire us for family portraits or lifestyle photos on each Island. To get these clients is harder than ever and keywords can play a big role among other SEO techniques to capture an audience on the first pages of all search engines.

Keep it simple and our and above all be honest and all will be fine in the end. People talk and word of mouth is by far the most powerful way to keep clients coming back year after year. We treat our clients with the red carpet treatment and have fun in the process like we have been friends for years. Capting the right photo for family or weddings or fashion is all about how you make the client relaxed and what you say to them to achieve the comfort level needed to bring out certain emotions and feelings that can lend itself to a great picture.

I honestly believe there is no such thing as a bad picture, just a picture that is a different picture. Some photographers shoot purposely with a style that looks like its a mistake but in fact, it was intended to look that way to appear natural and spontaneous. This works sometimes but can often be a lazy way of not wanting to perfect the lighting or framing so they just shoot without thought and accept whatever the camera gives.

Photographers Oahu north shore the very best Ohu photographers for couples. We can assure you our Oahu wedding photographers reviews are among the very best and not only because of our excellent photographers but also our very affordable Oahu family photography packages. Oahu resorts and hotels offer photography packages but the style is limited and the locations are also limited to grounds of the hotel and very thy are overpriced. 808 Pictures offers very affordable photography packages for family, weddings, engagements, lifestyle, and fashion.

When it comes to Kauai photographers for family, weddings, senior portraits, or engagements, it makes sense to notify you of the very best Kauai locations for portraits in Kauai. We have photographed on all the best wedding and portrait locations on Kauai and we can send you or favorite places that are recommended by Conde Nast and many other international travel magazines.

Our Big Island photography team have impressed our clients with their great skills as internationally renowned photographers for their family portraits, lifestyle, engagements, and wedding photography. The very best photographers in Kona have proudly been working for 808 Pictures to capture the most beautiful photography with the highest of professional standards.