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Affordable Maui wedding photography with an award winning team of photographers with the highest in five-star Google reviews in Hawaii.


Maui beach locations for wedding photography is a Conde Nast favorite for wedding locations in the world.  Book a Maui wedding photographer at 808 Pictures in the morning or sunset on the fabulous beaches of Maui.

Wedding photographers on Maui at 808 Pictures are among the luckiest photographers in the world.  Wedding locations and venues on Maui are a fabulous sight to see on the most talked about beaches in the world.  Conde Nast keeps voting Maui as their top wedding destination location and we Maui photographers are proud to be working on Maui as professionals in the wedding industry.  What makes a bride choose Maui for her wedding? Well when you look at the gorgeous scenery on the beaches that have the right amount of rocks, palm trees, and stunning pristine sands that go for miles, it's no wonder why they choose Maui as their number one choice to get married. 808 Pictures has been chosen every year by clients leaving hundreds of top reviews, raving about our outstanding photographers who are not only highly skilled but also have a friendly and professional personality that makes clients feel comfortable throughout their wedding on Maui. 




Maui wedding photographers on all beaches on Maui from the west side, we photograph in Kaanapali, Kapalua, Napili and Lahaina beaches. On the south side we photograph in Wailea, Makena, Kihei. We have a large team of professional photographers on Maui that have been published in magazines and have hundreds of google five-star reviews. Our photographers on Maui use all the very latest technology in cameras and lighting to capture the perfect photography for your photography session on Maui chosen from our affordable Maui photography packages. We usually have two times of the day that we recommend for your photogrpahy session on the most most beautiful beaches on maui. Morning time and sunset hour is the best for lighting in which most of our photoshoots are taken. We will send you location choices of all our favorite beach locations and waterfall location on maui that will give you memorable pictures you will cherish forever. 



808 Pictures have Maui Wedding Photographers that are located in
Wailea | Kihei | Lahaina | Kaanapali | Kapalua | Napili

Our Maui Wedding Photography team has wedding photographers all over Maui, that have photographed many  different types of weddings.  Beach weddings on Maui, to Luxury weddings at he hotel resorts on Maui.  We love photographing special moments that means something very special to those in love that have traveled all the way to Hawaii to capture special moments in their life.  From small weddings to  large epic weddings and events  of all sizes, we have worked them all and Love doing so.

Destination weddings in Hawaii is highly sort after by future bride and grooms from all over the world.





Maui Wedding

Everything you need to know about a Maui Wedding in Hawaii

Maui is a lovely Hawaiian island noted for its magnificent beaches, lush forests, and majestic mountain vistas. It's no wonder that many couples decide to marry in this tropical paradise. If you're planning a wedding on Maui, you're in luck since there are several wedding locations to select from, each with its own distinct charm and ambiance.

Resort and hotel wedding venues are a popular choice for Maui wedding venues. These locations provide on-site lodging for you and your guests, as well as a variety of services and amenities. With its magnificent seaside setting and several event venues to select from, the Andaz Maui at Wailea Resort is a spectacular alternative. Another excellent option is the Four Seasons Resort Maui in Wailea, which has lovely outside grass and garden areas as well as magnificent indoor ballrooms.

Another option to explore in Maui is event space wedding venues. These locations provide a blank canvas for you to design your perfect wedding, with the added convenience of on-site event planners to assist you in realizing your vision. With its contemporary and varied event halls, as well as its magnificent ocean views, the Maui Arts & Cultural Center is a popular event space destination. The Grand Wailea Resort, with its several outdoor and indoor event spaces and exquisite facilities, is another fantastic event space option.

Vineyard wedding venues in Maui may be the ideal choice for a more rustic and natural atmosphere. The MauiWine at Ulupalakua vineyard venue is stunning, with sweeping vistas of the surrounding mountains and quaint plantation-style structures. With its beautiful grounds and old plantation-style manor, the Olowalu Plantation House is another gorgeous vineyard venue.

Maui estate wedding venues provide a beautiful and sumptuous atmosphere for your special day. With its lovely gardens, tall trees, and old ruins, the Haiku Mill is a magnificent estate site. The Makena Cove Estate, with its coastal position and magnificent plantation-style home, is another stunning estate venue.

Country club wedding venues in Maui may be ideal for a more conventional and elegant setting. With its lush green fairways and breathtaking mountain vistas, the Kahili Golf Course is a lovely country club facility. The Wailea Golf Club, with its several outdoor event venues and gorgeous ocean vistas, is another good option.

Maui barn wedding venues provide a picturesque and rustic atmosphere for your special day. With its stunning lavender fields and gorgeous red barn, Alii Kula Lavender Farm is a picturesque barn venue. The Hali'imaile General Store, with its rustic charm and intimate ambience, is another great barn location.

Maui museum wedding locations provide a one-of-a-kind and cultural environment for your nuptials. With its historic plantation-style mansion and magnificent grounds, the Bailey House Museum is a delightful museum location. The Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center, with its beautiful gardens and sophisticated event facilities, is another wonderful museum location.

Restaurant wedding venues in Maui may be ideal for a more relaxed and casual setting. With its lovely plantation-style setting and amazing ocean views, The Plantation House Dinner is a stunning restaurant venue. With its magnificent outdoor event spaces and superb Hawaiian-inspired cuisine, Gannon's Restaurant is another fantastic restaurant venue.

Of course, no list of Maui wedding sites would be complete without including the island's stunning beaches. Beach wedding venues in Maui provide a relaxed and romantic atmosphere for your special day.

In Maui, there are several stunning beach wedding sites to pick from. Ironwoods Beach, a remote and gorgeous beach in the Kapalua resort region, is a popular choice. This beach has breathtaking views of the surrounding islands of Molokai and Lanai and is ideal for a romantic and intimate beach wedding.

Wailea Beach, located in the Wailea resort region, is another beautiful beach wedding destination in Maui. This beach, with its smooth white beaches and crystal blue seas, is ideal for a classic and charming beach wedding.

Makena Cove may be the ideal alternative if you're searching for a more isolated and small beach site. This quiet and isolated beach in Makena State Park provides breathtaking views of the nearby island of Kahoolawe.

Maui desert wedding locations may be the ideal choice for a one-of-a-kind and exotic environment. With its spectacular black lava fields and breathtaking ocean vistas, La Perouse Bay is a gorgeous desert venue. The Ahihi-Kinau Natural Area Reserve, with its rocky and natural scenery and stunning ocean vistas, is another outstanding desert destination.

Maui garden wedding venues provide a beautiful and picturesque environment for your special day. With its gorgeous lavender fields and elegant red barn, the Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm is a wonderful garden destination. With its gorgeous palm palms and sandy coastline, Ho'okipa Beach Park is another excellent garden site.

Maui mountain wedding locations provide a gorgeous and dramatic backdrop for your nuptials. The Haleakala National Park is a stunning mountain destination, with stunning vistas of the neighboring islands and a rough and natural setting. The Kula Botanical Garden, with its lush and tropical landscapes and spectacular vistas of the neighboring islands, is another wonderful mountain destination.

Outdoor wedding locations in Maui include everything from beaches and gardens to mountains and deserts. Wailea Beach, Makena Cove, Ali'i Kula Lavender Farm, Haleakala National Park, and the Kula Botanical Garden are all popular outdoor wedding settings on Maui.

Maui waterfront wedding venues provide a lovely and scenic location for your special day. With its silky white sands and crystal blue seas, Maluaka Beach is a stunning waterfront destination. With its beautiful grounds and antique plantation-style home, the Olowalu Plantation House is another outstanding waterfront site.

There are several wedding businesses on Maui to help you plan your perfect wedding. Wedding planners in Maui can assist with the full planning and organization of your special day, ensuring that everything goes as planned.

Maui wedding florists produce gorgeous and one-of-a-kind flower arrangements for your wedding ceremony and celebration.

Maui wedding caterers offer delectable and imaginative cuisine alternatives for your wedding.


Maui Weddings are famous around the world for the stunning white sand beaches and crystal blue waters along the coast and it's five star luxury resorts, a prefect spot for a fabulous wedding in paradise.  Let's plan a wedding photography shoot together from one of our recommended spectacular wedding beaches or a dreamy location in nature on our superb island of Maui.

It's easy to understand why Maui is one of the world's most popular wedding locations. The island's beautiful beaches, rich green scenery, and pleasant weather all year round make it ideal for a romantic wedding and celebration. Choosing a photographer to capture the memories of the day is possibly one of the most critical choices a couple will make while arranging their Maui wedding. That is why it is critical to choose a Maui wedding photographer that has the expertise, ability, and flair to guarantee that your special day's memories are cherished for a lifetime.

It is important to do research while selecting a Maui wedding photographer. This entails reviewing the portfolios of several photographers and reading feedback from previous customers. If at all feasible, meet with photographers in person to get a feel of their personality and style. This will assist you in determining if they are a good match for your wedding.

Experience is a key consideration when selecting a Maui wedding photographer. A photographer who has been in the profession for a long time and has photographed a broad range of weddings will have the skills and ability to manage any circumstance that may happen on your wedding day. They will also be able to anticipate and record all of the memorable moments for you. A new photographer, on the other hand, may not have the same amount of expertise and may not be able to manage unanticipated obstacles as well.

Another key consideration when selecting a Maui wedding photographer is their style. Wedding photography is classified into numerous genres, including classic, photojournalistic, and modern. Traditional wedding photography is distinguished by formal staged images as well as an emphasis on traditional moments and details. Photojournalistic wedding photography is more open and real, capturing spontaneous moments and feelings. Contemporary wedding photography is a hybrid of conventional and photojournalistic techniques, concentrating on the couple and their relationship while capturing all of the day's intricacies. Each of these styles has its own own charm, and it is important to choose a photographer whose style corresponds to your own particular likes and preferences.

A competent Maui wedding photographer should also have a strong grasp of lighting and composition in order to capture the lovely and spectacular images that you'll want to retain for the rest of your life. To achieve the greatest quality photos, they should also have superb equipment and apply cutting-edge procedures. Furthermore, a qualified Maui wedding photographer should be familiar with local areas and be able to provide the perfect site for your pre-wedding, ceremony, and reception photographs.

Finally, the cost of hiring a Maui wedding photographer must be considered. Wedding photography may be pretty costly, so establish a budget and seek for a photographer that can give the quality and style you like at a price you can afford. Check the availability and turnaround time of the final edited images as well, to ensure that you have your photographs in time for your wedding book or any other use you may have for them.

Finally, selecting a Maui wedding photographer is a significant choice that demands much study and attention. You can guarantee that you pick a photographer who will capture all the unique moments of your big day and preserve them for a lifetime by looking at several photographers' portfolios, meeting with them in person, and considering aspects like as expertise, style, equipment, and pricing.

With a staff of skilled and professional photographers, 808 Pictures is a well-known and recognized Maui wedding photographer. They've been in the industry for a long time and have a lot of expertise capturing Maui wedding memories. They are noted for their distinct style, which combines traditional, photojournalistic, and modern elements, capturing unscripted moments and emotions as well as staged photos, traditional moments, and details.

808 Pictures' attention to detail and ability to portray the tale of the day distinguishes them from other Maui wedding photographers. They are adept at capturing not just the major moments, but also the minute things that make your wedding day one-of-a-kind. They recognize that each wedding is unique and will collaborate with you to ensure that your images represent your specific style and taste.

Their crew is made up of experienced photographers who are specialists in lighting and composition, all of which are necessary for making gorgeous and breathtaking images. They employ cutting-edge methods and technology to produce high-quality photographs. They are also acquainted with several of Maui's most popular wedding sites, allowing them to recommend the finest spot for your pre-wedding, ceremony, and reception photographs.

808 Pictures provides a number of wedding photography packages to meet a variety of requirements and budgets, including full-day coverage, engagement sessions, and elopements. They also realize the necessity of receiving your pictures as soon as possible, therefore they provide a speedy turnaround time for your final edited shots.

In conclusion, 808 Pictures is a recognized Maui wedding photographer with a distinct style, attention to detail, and high-quality photographs. They have a team of experienced photographers that employ cutting-edge methods and equipment and are acquainted with many of Maui's greatest wedding venues. They provide a choice of photographic packages as well as a quick turnaround time for final photographs. They could be a good choice if you want someone to convey the tale of your wedding day in a unique, beautiful, and creative manner.