Professional photographers on Maui are highly skilled at their craft and you can find all kinds of styles and flavors depending on your taste. Many Maui photographers are established in the westside of Maui or the South side, all have spectacular locations to choose from that make epic pictures for wonderful Maui photography memories. Most clients prefer natural candid and not so posed, so we tend to let them play on the beach and have fun like they were happy kids enjoying their day with no rules in place, just have fun and we will do the rest. Maui photographers tend to book professional photography bookings at times when the light is most desirable for the face, usually in the morning around 7:00am to 9:00 am or at sunset one hour before the sun goes down is better for the perfect light for photography. The beaches on Maui for family photography sessions is among the most desired mainly because of the close proximity the beaches are to their hotel and the beauty of the location that has all the right elements , palm trees, lava rocks and the beautiful stretches of golden sandy beaches for you family portrait , wedding photography or engagement shoot. Maui beaches cover it all and easy to find locations make it super easy.