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808 Pictures is a photographic studio located on the island of Maui in Hawaii. 808 Pictures has swiftly become one of the most in-demand photography studios on the island, thanks to its talented photographers and wide range of services (wedding, family, couples, engagement, and more).

The magnificent scenery of Maui is only matched by 808 Pictures' enthusiasm for capturing its customers' natural beauty and unique personalities. 808 Pictures has been in business for a long time, so they know what they're doing when it comes to taking pictures that clients will love.

808 Pictures' commitment to tailoring their services to each individual customer is what sets them apart from other Maui photography studios. From the first meeting to the final photo delivery, 808 Pictures is dedicated to getting to know each client and their unique goals for the session. 808 Pictures is dedicated to providing clients with stunning photographs of their special events, whether it be an intimate couple's session on the beach or a grandiose destination wedding.

808 Pictures is well-known for both their great customer service and their remarkable photographic abilities. The photographers at 808 Pictures have an incredible eye for detail and a knack for creating striking compositions, allowing them to capture images that do justice to the feeling and atmosphere of the occasion. 808 Pictures has a knack for producing classic, beautiful photographs, whether they be of a quiet sunset over the water or a hearty belly laugh between the newlyweds.

808 Pictures' wedding photography is particularly well-liked. In their capacity as destination wedding photographers, 808 Pictures has been able to visit many different countries and capture the happiness of many different couples on their wedding day. 808 Pictures is able to capture the essence of each couple's love story, from the smallest elopement to the most elaborate celebration.

Other than weddings, 808 Pictures also does portraits of families, couples, and engagements. The talented team at 808 Pictures can pull off any kind of session with ease.

With years of expertise filming in Maui's stunning natural settings, 808 Pictures is a go-to for location scouting. All around the island, you'll find picturesque settings perfect for photo shoots, from white sand beaches and clear blue sea to verdant woods and gushing waterfalls. 808 Pictures has an intimate familiarity with the island's scenic locations and can guide you to the best spots for taking breathtaking photographs.

Clients of 808 Pictures, a photographic studio, may also choose from a number of printing and frame options to complement their new photos. 808 Pictures provides customers with everything they need to proudly showcase their most treasured memories, from stunning bespoke frames to high-quality prints.

If you're looking for high-quality photography services on Maui, 808 Pictures is your best bet.

Maui, one of the Hawaiian Islands, is stunning. Many people travel to Maui to see its famed beaches, breathtaking sunsets, and verdant tropical scenery. Photographers go there as well because of the island's seemingly infinite picture possibilities. Maui portrait photographers, Maui family photographers, Maui wedding photographers, and Maui pregnancy photographers are just some of the specializations we'll be exploring in this article.

Professional portrait photographers in Maui are experts at capturing their subjects' personality in both staged and natural photographs. These photographers have mastered the art of capturing their subjects' unique beauty and personality via masterful use of light and composition. Portrait photographers in Maui frequently provide a variety of portrait packages to accommodate a wide range of clientele and spending limits.

Professional family photographers in Maui have a knack for capturing the love and affection shared between members of a family. They are skilled at producing classic works that convey the warmth and happiness of family life. To take advantage of Maui's stunning natural scenery, several family photographers provide on-location photos. For those that prefer a more structured setting, several photographers also offer studio sessions for families.

Photographers in Maui that specialize in weddings know how to capture all the emotion and beauty of the big day. They know how to record all the best parts of a wedding, from the vows to the first dance. Photographers in Maui frequently provide packages that include pre-wedding portraits, wedding day coverage, and a follow-up picture session.

Photographers in Maui that focus on maternity shoots strive to capture the wonder and excitement of pregnancy in all its glory. They are experts at making the most of light and composition to get amazing photographs that highlight the grace and beauty of pregnancy. Expectant moms may take advantage of the stunning scenery all across Maui thanks to the many photographers that provide on-location shots. If you'd want a more structured setting for your picture shoot, several photographers also offer studio sessions.

In sum, Maui is home to a wide variety of skilled photographers who focus on various subgenres. You can locate a qualified expert on the island of Maui that specializes in taking portraits, shooting weddings, or documenting pregnancies.

Photographers and tourists flock to Maui for its picture-perfect beaches. When visiting Maui, you can't miss the magnificent sunsets, golden sands, and clear waters that make for picture-perfect beach photos. This essay will focus on the stunning photographic services that can be found on the beaches of Maui.

Wedding photography is a much sought after service on the beaches of Maui. Many photographers on Maui provide wedding packages that include coverage of the ceremony, reception, and post-wedding shots, since the island is a popular location for couples who want to get married in a gorgeous, tropical setting. These photographers are talented at capturing the romance and beauty of the wedding day, and they employ lighting and composition to produce gorgeous, lasting photographs.

Portrait photography is another common service provided by photographers on Maui's shores. Many photographers on the island are experts at bringing out their subjects' characteristics in pictures of all kinds, from families to couples to solo travelers. These photographers have mastered the art of capturing their subjects' unique beauty and personality via masterful use of light and composition. Many portrait photographers provide a choice of packages to fit different budgets and goals, and they often collaborate with customers to create bespoke shoots that capture the particular style and personalities of the subjects.

Photographers that focus on photographing the island's stunning natural scenery may be found in abundance on Maui. These photographers are able to capture the amazing beauty of the island from a variety of angles, such as wide panoramas of the beach and detailed photos of the waves and coral reefs. Many of these photographers provide prints of their work, allowing consumers to exhibit the beauty of Maui in their homes or businesses.

In addition to the services described above, there are many additional wonderful photographic services available on the Maui beaches. There are professional photographers on the island that focus on capturing the magic of new life, from pregnancy to newborn. Numerous photographers also provide drone photography services, letting visitors capture the island's stunning scenery from above.

In conclusion, the beaches of Maui provide unlimited opportunity for creating gorgeous images. Whether it's a wedding, portrait, or landscape, the island is home to a wealth of talented photographers that can do the island justice with photographs that last the test of time. Whether you are wanting to capture the romance of a wedding, the pleasure of a new birth, or the beauty of the island's landscapes, you will be able to locate a talented photographer on the Maui beaches to help you create beautiful, lasting memories.

Why you should invest in a skilled pro: Expert photographers have the training, knowledge, and tools necessary to take photographs of exceptional quality that will endure a lifetime. They also have the ability to handle tricky lighting settings and to bring the best out of their subjects.

If you want to hire a professional photographer, one option is to get referrals from people you trust. To learn more about the photographer's standing, you may also look at internet review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews. Get in touch with the PPA or WPPI to get a list of local photographers who come highly recommended.

You should think about the photographer's style, level of expertise, and budget before making a final decision. Finding a photographer whose aesthetic aligns with your goals for the shoot and who has prior experience with families is essential. You should also think about and be truthful with the photographer about your budget.

You may learn a lot about a photographer's experience and style by asking them a few questions before you hire them. Here are a few questions to consider:

For what length of time have you been a photographer?
Could you tell me whether there's a certain subset of photography in which you excel?
Do you have experience dealing with families?
Do you have samples of your work that we may look at?
How many pictures will I get and what kind of file will it be?
Just how much do you charge, and what do you include in that price?
Tips for prepping for the photoshoot: In order to make sure the photoshoot goes off without a hitch, there are a few things you can do beforehand. Among these are:
Discussing your goals for the shoot and desired poses with the photographer before they begin is essential.
Getting everyone plenty of sleep and a full stomach before the picture session.
Putting together a family portrait through the clothes you wear.
Including meaningful accessories or decorations from home.
What to look for while examining and choosing the final images: Photographers usually provide clients many options from which to chose after a session. Review the photos and choose the ones that you feel best represent the day's events and feelings. It's also important to think about how your photos will look whether printed, framed digitally, or shared online.

The benefits of working with a professional photographer on Maui: Spending the money to hire a professional photographer to record your family's time spent in Maui might turn out to be a wise decision. You'll be able to work with a pro who is familiar with the ideal spots and times of day to take pictures that will last a lifetime, and you'll have beautiful photos to look back on for years to come.

Let this serve as inspiration for your writing. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything more you would want to know or to request clarification on anything I've discussed.


Portrait photographers flock to Maui for the island's abundance of picturesque settings. Photographers on Maui often provide a variety of portrait photography styles, from the classic and formal to the more informal and journalistic.

Family photographers in Maui are experts at preserving precious moments between loved ones for posterity. These photographers generally work with families on vacation, and may photograph families in a number of situations including on the beach, in a park, or at a resort.

Professional wedding photographers in Maui know how to capture all the joy and emotion of the big day. Photographers often provide a variety of wedding packages that include pre-wedding portraits, coverage of the ceremony and reception, and follow-up picture sessions.

Photographers on Maui often provide packages that include an engagement shoot as one of the services they provide. It is common for these sessions to take place at a location that has some sort of emotional significance for the couple, and the emphasis is on obtaining genuine, unposed images of them.

Photography taken on Maui during pregnancy often depicts the glowing beauty and happiness of the mothers-to-be. Photographers in this genre frequently collaborate with expectant mothers to produce beautiful, heirloom-quality works of art that mark the advent of a new member of the family.

Photographers in Maui provide a variety of packages and can take stunning pictures for any event. You can find a skilled photographer on Maui to meet your needs, whether you want a portrait photographer to take pictures of you and your friends, a family photographer to record your vacation, a wedding photographer to record your special day, an engagement photographer to record your love story, or a maternity photographer to document the arrival of your new family member.

Guests of the Grand Wailea Resort may have their wedding or family photos taken on the beach.
Family photos and beach weddings are available at the luxurious Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea.
Family photos and beach weddings may be arranged at The Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua.
The Fairmont Kea Lani on Maui is a popular spot for weddings and family photos.
The Hyatt Regency Maui Resort and Spa - provides family pictures and weddings on the beach
Photographic opportunities for weddings and family reunions on the beach are available at the Montage Kapalua Bay.
The Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas - provides family pictures and weddings on the beach
Family photos and beach nuptials are available at the Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa.
The Westin Maui Resort and Spa - provides family pictures and weddings on the beach
Guests of the Hilton Waikoloa Village may have their wedding or family photos taken on the beach.
All of the hotel resorts on Maui listed provide lovely and scenic beaches for family photographs and weddings. These resorts feature skilled and professional photographers and organizers that can assist design and execute the perfect beach portrait or wedding. Each individual or couple's preferences can be accommodated by selecting from among several different plans. The momentous occasion may be made even more memorable with the help of the resort's cuisine, floral arrangements, and entertainment options. Whether you desire a modest and personal ceremony or a huge and spectacular celebration, these hotel resorts on Maui provide something for everyone. When it comes to family photos and beach weddings, Maui's hotel resorts usually provide a wide range of photographic techniques and styles. Photos of this type might be formal portraits, snapshots, or even a lifestyle series. The majority of these hotels also provide facilities for trash the dress photo shoots and engagement photo sessions before the big day. Prints, photo albums, and digital files might all be part of the different print and digital bundles they provide. Photographers at these hotels are experts at capturing the joy of the moment in photographs that will be treasured for generations.
There are several factors to think about when selecting a professional photographer for your Maui beach wedding or family portraits:

Look for a photographer whose aesthetic tastes match your own. How about some natural, unposed photos, or would you rather have some posed ones? Which do you like, a classical appearance or a cutting-edge modern style?

Think about how long the photographer has been taking pictures and what kind of experience they have. Is this the first time they've used this beach for a shoot? How comfortable are they shooting in the kind of light and weather that could be present on your wedding day?

Browse the photographer's portfolio to get a sense of their previous work and talents. Have you seen the pictures they've taken for other customers and been impressed?

Read reviews and comments from previous customers to get a feel for the photographer's trustworthiness, professionalism, and customer service.

Packages and Costs Think about the various photography packages and costs the photographer provides. Does the company provide flexible payment plans to meet your needs? What kinds of prints, albums, and digital files can I expect to receive?

The photographer you pick to document your wedding day should be someone you can put your faith in and have fun working with.
There are several factors to think about when selecting a professional photographer for your Maui beach wedding or family portraits:

Look for a photographer whose aesthetic tastes match your own. How about some natural, unposed photos, or would you rather have some posed ones? Which do you like, a classical appearance or a cutting-edge modern style?

Think about the photographer's background and portfolio. Did they ever shoot at this particular beach before? Have they shot in the kind of lighting and weather that could be present on your big day?

Review the photographer's portfolio to get a sense of their previous work and expertise. Is it true that you adore the work they've done for other customers?

You may learn a lot about a photographer's expertise, dependability, and customer service by reading reviews and comments written by former customers.

Packages and Costs Think about the various photography packages and costs the photographer provides. Is there a selection of prices and plans to choose from? What kinds of prints, albums, and digital files can I expect to receive?

In the end, you should hire a photographer who makes you feel relaxed and who you trust to record your big day accurately.

If you're looking for a reliable Maui photography service for your wedding or family photos, 808 Pictures is a great option. They are a group of highly trained and competent photographers that are able to capture the essence and spirit of each occasion they document. Each individual or couple's preferences can be accommodated by selecting from among several different plans. The crew is well-known for their skill in producing stunning, heirloom-quality photographs that couples and their families will treasure forever. They are well-known not just for their skill as photographers, but also for the high quality of their service and the care they take to make sure every event goes off without a hitch. Generally, 808 Pictures is a solid option for beach wedding and family photos on Maui.
808 Pictures offers more than just professional photography; they also provide a number of ancillary services that are sure to make your family photo or Maui beach wedding one to remember. Examples in this category include:

808 Pictures provides full-service wedding coordinating to help you organize the wedding of your dreams. From day-of coordination and execution to vendor communication and contract negotiation, they can do it all.

For your wedding or family picture session, 808 Pictures can assist in the creation of stunning flower arrangements.

All the food and drink for your event, from appetizers to the main meal, may be catered with their assistance.

Live music or a DJ are just two examples of the kind of entertainment that 808 Pictures can help you organize for your party.

They also provide other photography services including engagement photos, pre-wedding photos, and trash the dress picture shoots.

In sum, 808 Pictures is an all-inclusive photography and event planning business that will go above and beyond to ensure that your family portrait or Maui beach wedding is one you will never forget.



Maui is the home of our headquarters and our biggest main studio. The beaches and waterfall locations on Maui for photography are breathtakingly beautiful. It is also the home of many celebrities who have chosen to retire there or have a vacation home they can escape to. Most locations have easy access and we can suggest the right location for you based on your the photography package you choose and the location you will be staying on Maui. If you are looking for Maui photographers, look no further.

A full list of all Maui beaches for professional photography. Great locations for family Portraits - Engagements - Fashion - Weddings -surprise proposals - Senior Portraits - Couples Photography.

Ahihi Cove
Ahihi Cove
Big Beach (Makena Beach)
Black Rock Beach
Chang's Beach
Charley Young Beach
Cove Park
D.T. Fleming Beach Park
H.A. Baldwin Beach Park
Hamoa Beach
Hana Bay (Hana Beach Park)
Honokohau Bay
Honolua Bay
Honomanu Bay
Ho'okipa Beach Park
Ka'anapali Beach
Kahana Beach
Kaihalulu (Red Sand) Beach
Kalama Beach Park
Kama'ole Beach Park
Kanaha Beach Park
Kapalua Bay
Keawakapu Beach
Koki Beach
La Perouse Bay
Lelekea Bay
Little Beach
Makena Landing Beach Park
Maluaka Beach
Mokapu Beach
Nahiku Cove
Namalu Bay
Napili Bay
Oneloa Beach
One'uli Beach
Pa'ako Beach (Secret Cove)
Palauea Beach
Papalaua Beach Park
Polo Beach
Po'olenalena Beach
Puamana Beach Park
Slaughterhouse Beach (Mokule'ia Bay)
Sugar Beach
Ukumehame Beach Park
Ulua Beach
Wai'anapanapa Black Sand Beach
Wailea Beach
Waipu'ilani Park

Choose a gorgeous beach location on the south side or west side of Maui or let's go to the woods and climb trees or hike to the stunning waterfalls and make your fun photography shoot one to remember.  Remember to always bring a change of clothes and a few big towels and lots of water to drink to keep you refreshed and ready for your fun experience on your Maui photography session in Paradise.

Our  Maui Affordable Photography Team makes it a fun and fabulous photo-shoot you will always remember.   We specialize in Family Portraits, Couples Photography, Weddings, Surprise Proposals,  Engagements, Fashion, Cake Smash, Gender Reveal, Senior Portraits, Boudoir, Vow Renewal, Corporate, Actors Head-Shots, Real Estate Photography.

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Maui professional photographers located in Wailea | Kihei | Kaanapali | Kapalua | Napili |  Lahaina  | Paia | Haiku

Maui family portrait photography has a lot to offer with lots of locations to choose from. The south side of Maui has a lot of couples photography, weddings, portraits, and engagements and it tends to rain less on the south side. Makena, Wailea, Kihei are popular for this kind of photography sessions because you have more chances of seeing a sunset with less rain. On the west side of Maui, places like Kaanapali and Kapalua have gorgeous beaches for photography and we have captured many stunning sunsets in that area. But it does rain more often on the west side of Maui, family portraits are popular there because of the number of hotels they have in that area, like Kaanapali and the popular need for family photographers has resulted in many of the hotels employing their own photographers, so there is much competition for Maui photographers on that side of the island especially. 808 Pictures does have very affordable package prices, you get your own online gallery and we also provided the digital file for you to download and you can take that file to any lab of your choice for printing. Weddings on Maui are also in high demand on the beaches of Maui as well as the hotel resorts and there is plenty of fabulous places to choose from for your wedding venues. The catering companies on Maui are among the best in the world, so the food is above and beyond what you might expect. We also photograph lot's of parties and special events photography on Maui so we see and taste some of the best culinary cuisines in Hawaii. Our typical hours of operation on Maui for our professional photography services are between 7:00 am to 10:00 pm although we have worked later hours on certain wedding functions that can go past midnight.

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