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Family portraits in Wailea is not just a dream it can be a reality and we can prove it by photographing you on these tropical white sand beaches and warm crystal blue waters.  We encourage you to get in the water and feel the magic of why people love the waters on the south side of Maui.  Couples photography in Wailea or your wedding on the beach will be just a few of the very special moments we can capture for you.  Over the years of photographing the beaches in Wailea we have our favorite spots that we photograph you on that we know you will love.  It's the perfect balance of gorgeous colored sandy beaches, rocks and palm trees that make a spectacular picture you can hang on your wall.  Family photography in Wailea has been voted as among the most beautiful beaches in the world by Condenast Magazines.  It's the reason why Oprah has bought property in that area along with Clint Eastwood and Sharon Stone to name a few :)

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