Maui Family Photographers | Portrait photography on Maui for all the family.

Maui portrait photography, the top family photographers on Maui with amazing five-star reviews from hundreds of satisfied clients. Our friendly family portrait photographers have been photographing fun family portraits on the Maui beaches since 2004. The important placement of family members depending on their hight and what they are wearing will determine the composition of the photograph. A good family photograph is balanced well in hight and clothing and let’s not forget the very important beautiful light. What is most important in taking family photography on Maui is what you say to clients of all ages to get a certain reaction that can make a much better family portrait.

Our Maui family photographers usually shoot in the morning or at sunset because the light is more favorable to better portrait lighting on the face. If the sun is too high around 11.00 am to 3.00 am then it causes shadows on the face, under the nose and eyes and it can be less attractive on most people. We love photographing beach portraits on Maui and there are many gorgeous beaches in Wailea, Kihei, Kaanapali, Kapalua, Napili, Lahaina, Hana to choose from when seeking your perfect Maui beach location for family portraits.

When choosing a family photographer on Maui we make sure you are satisfied and we always ask the style of portrait you like and what kind of photographs are most important to you. Some like traditional portraits for simple beautiful classic portraits and others like more of a candid and natural flow where the direction often involves the clients just having fun on the beach and doing an activity on the beach or playing in the water. 808 Pictures has a style for everyone, we look forward to hearing from you and booking a fun photoshoot on Maui with our award-winning friendly team of Maui family photographers.