Top Amazing Photographers on Maui | Kauai | Oahu | Big Island | Just $195 OMG WHAAAAT?.

I am so proud of all our Great Photographers on Maui | Kauai | Oahu | Big Island. When I look through the edits of what kind of photography our team takes on the hundreds of photo-shoots we do each month, I am so happy to see such top quality work from a dedicated team of Top Photographers. We really do have the Best Team Of The Very Best in Hawaii on all Island and our clients tell us over and over year after year when they keep coming back for more. Clients often go to different Islands and hire us each year to capture special photography memories for them and that means a lot to me, to see such love for 808 Pictures.

We stay busy with Family Photography, Wedding Photography, Engagement Photography, Couples Photography, Maternity Photography, so we make sure we stay ahead of trends and styles and we keep up with all the latest magazines and study what works well for family, weddings or couples. We also stay ahead of technology and a favorite past time for me is to see what professional cameras are out now and where the game is heading in ten years from now. My thoughts like many professionals may think is what are cell phone cameras coming out with next? Right now the top phone cameras still are nowhere near the same quality as the top of the line Nikon, Canon, and Sony. Maybe one day the phones will advance so much they will have full frame sensors, amazing compact glass lenses ranging from 16mm too 300mm and ultra bright built-in flash that will balance well when photographing sunset family portraits or weddings in the bright sun. Onboard flash on professional cameras using 1/1 is still way above any cell phone flash but one day when the phone companies figure out how to compete with the pros, will that be game over for many professional photographers? No because there will always be a need for a good director, a good smooth talking easy going friendly and caring photographer who has a talented way of easing the couple or crowd and of capturing special moments and knowing when to click, knowing how to frame and knowing where to stand is not something cell phones will be able to understand just yet and for a long time…hmmmm or at least that’s what I am going to stick too for now. 🙂