Senior Portrait Photographers on Maui | Oahu | Kauai | Big Island

When looking for a senior portrait photographer on Maui | Kauai | Oahu | Big Island, it’s important to realize who is more suited for your style of photography and who you feel more comfortable with in front of the camera. 808 Pictures loves to make people relaxed and have fun, so enjoying yourself on a senior portrait is one of the most important things to remember when having your portrait taken. What we say to our clients who are sometimes shy or nervous is the biggest part of being a great photographer, it’s always the direction and what you bring out of the subject to achieve the stunning results we capture with our cameras.

We highly recommend a clothing change to capture different looks during your photo-shoot, so you have a wide variety of choices in your portfolio. What you wear is a big part of how you feel, so feeling good and looking good go well together when capturing a beautiful senior portrait photograph. Great portraits on Maui | Oahu | Kauai | Big Island is what 808 Pictures specialize in.