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One can easily find a Maui wedding photographer by going to any search engine or even take a walk on most beaches at sunset and you will see a photographer taking pictures for wedding photography on Maui. The south side and west side of Maui are very popular for weddings. Over the years 808 Pictures have been doing professional weddings since 2004 doing wedding photos on Maui beaches and resort, we have learned what time of the day is best for weddings on the beaches of Maui. It’s a beautiful sight to see wedding ceremonies on the beaches on Maui, we see many beach ceremonies that usually last around 15 minutes and then picture taking takes place with the gorgeous white sands and blue waters or if you are doing a sunset ceremony you will see the spectacular sunset skies of warm orange and red tones.

Wedding photography on Maui has been listed as one of the top destination wedding locations in many wedding magazines and it’s not difficult to understand why. The geography of the locations has the most stunning scenery that includes lava rocks palm trees and gorgeous sandy beaches that the world dreams of seeing in person. Weddings in Maui is the perfect choice for a destination wedding and 808 Pictures is here to make sure your wedding in paradise will be fun and exciting and absolutely beautiful. Photography is very important and we make sure our highly trained team of award-winning wedding photopapers, knows exactly what you are looking for in your dream wedding on Maui.

Our wedding photography packages are very affordable and we have many wedding packages to fit your budget and needs. Book a morning or sunset wedding photo-shoot with 808 Pictures and we will see on Maui soon.