Maui weather | Live weather forecast for Maui County

Live Maui weather forecast for Maui is crucial to our Maui photography business 808 Pictures. We can not always rely on the news weather forecast and it has been wrong often enough for us to take the matter into our own hands for a true more precise weather forecast for Maui by tuning into live webcams around the island of Maui. We have had family or clients call us from the mainland all concerned with the Maui weather that the news reports and makes the weather on Maui look so bad, when in fact, we have often been on a photo-shoot in the beautiful sunshine or under light rain conditions with no serious threats at all, when the world is reporting Maui to be under serious weather conditions. Being a photography company and doing many family portraits and wedding photography on the beaches of Maui | Kauai | Oahu | Big Island we rely on the live webcams around the islands to predict the exact real-time live forecast of what is actually going on. Sometimes during our photo-shoot sessions we sometimes run into light rain and we often just stick it out or we can tune into another area of Maui to see what the weather forecast is like there and then change location depending on the distance of the location. If the weather is fierce and dangerous to go outside then obviously we will book our clients in on another date and if that doesn’t work, we also offer a full refund for severe weather conditions beyond our control.

Here are some of the locations we tune into for live weather reports to find out what is exactly going on in real time before and during our Maui photography shoots for weddings, family, couples or Maternity.

View for yourself the true Maui weather forecasts in real time so you know exactly what is going on with no guessing.

Mamas fish house live webcam

Gannon’s Wailea

Maui Tropical Plantation

Charley Young Beach in Kihei

Lahaina Harbor

Maui Sands

Kula Upcountry Maui