In 2004, I moved to Maui and became a professional Maui Photographer.

I fell in love with Maui and didn’t want to leave, especially when I went swimming in the gorgeous and spectacular waterfall locations that I often go swimming in for relaxation that fuels my creativity as a professional photographer. My connection to nature that is very important for my soul & vision as a photographer and artist. I knew Maui was going to be my home and that I could use my skills as a photographer especially being a professional photographer already in Los Angeles, working in fashion and advertising I knew I just had to set up shop on Maui. To start with I decided to first dive into the wedding photography world and approach the hotels to offer my services and I was lucky to be accepted as their preferred vendor. I built a website for myself, did the right SEO and landed on page one of google in a few weeks. I started shooting family portraits, wedding photography, engagement shoots, maternity photography, fashion photography. I did it all and I was lucky enough to work for all the beautiful hotels on Maui and traveled to all the outer islands of Hawaii to work on larger weddings for other hotels.

Now in 2021 we have grown into a much bigger company and employ over 50 highly skilled professional photographers around the islands of Hawaii. These days I often see so many new young faces of photographers all shooting away on the beaches with their clients and it’s really refreshing and so nice to see how popular the island has become with lots of creative professional photographers on Maui that have established themselves and seem to be making a living through the many wonderful websites that have sprung up like flytographer, Snappr, and Pacific dream photography and many more. There is plenty of work for all photographers and I am grateful to be able to be a part of the photography scene like 808 Pictures that is well known all over the world for it’s award winning photography that has been published in magazines around internationally. We have an amazing team of photographers on Maui | Oahu | Kauai | Big Island. All our Hawaii photographers are carefully chosen for their great skills in direction and their warm friendly personality as well as their photography skills in framing, lighting, and using the best angles to capture their subject and how to handle any type of client of all age groups. The reason why 808 Pictures has hundreds of five-star reviews is because our photographers have worked very hard and went above and beyond their call of duty as a professional photographers every time on every photo session we have been booked on.

Maui is our main home base for photography but we have lots of incredible photographers for you to choose from on all islands of Hawaii. We look forward to serving you on your next vacation to Hawaii. Remember shop around and see what photographer is best for your needs and whom you feel most comfortable with. I can assure you though, you won’t be disappointed with 808 pictures, just read the reviews and you will be convinced you made the right decision in your hunt for the perfect photography company on either Maui, Kauai, Oahu, or the Big island of Hawaii.