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Its a question we all wonder and for most of them out there they are real and for us here at 808 pictures, if anyone finds a review that isn’t 100% genuine and real from the heart, from one of our actual clients that are honestly expressing their true opinions on the services they have received from 808 pictures, then i will make sure they get a free photoshoot on the house. But I say this is because I am confident you wont find any fake five -star reviews from us on either google, yelp, trip advisor or facebook.

What google does these days to stop any fake reviews is to only allow emails with google that have been established with real actual email accounts that are working and functioning in day to day activities. Google tells us anyone can create a hundred email accounts from their phone in one day and post five-star reviews but Google won’t allow many reviews to actually post because its a new account and its all coming from the same i.p address so they flag it as ingenious. This is good and bad, and it’s especially bad for clients that have used a hotmail account all their life and had to create a gmail account just to leave a review but come to find out they were not allowed to post their wonderful honest review, due to their account being new and flagged for unfair suspicious activity. The same goes for the notorious yelp who is labeled as the dirty mafia of the internet from many users who all claim they are being bullied with constant phone calls from the yelp sales team to to desperately drum up business. Yelp also won’t allow a review to be posted if the user doesn’t go on yelp often enough, so yelp will then push the review in the not recommended section, that makes clients seem untrustworthy, when they are most certainly not. This kind of behavior makes me frustrated and angry at how yelp conducts their business.

Trip adviser and of course Google are a great source to find out about honest reviews from real clients and we are truly thankful for the many awesome reviews and great feedback from our clients about our services. I would advise all clients who are searching for their professional photographer on Maui, Oahu, Kauai or the big Island, to actually contact the email that left the review and see for your self how real they are. I would be happy to put anyone in touch with our clients who would be delighted to give their feedback on how much they enjoyed our professional photography services at 808 pictures for their wedding, family photography session, engagement photoshoot, surprise proposal photography or their maternity photoshoot on any island of Hawaii, Maui | Kauai | Oahu | Big Island.