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Cheapest Photographers in Hawaii?

I would say we are one of the most affordable professional photography companies in Hawaii, although if you go on craigslist which is a great place to go for lots of things, you may find someone who will take your family portrait or engagement pictures cheaper or even your entire wedding cheaper than we can. But if they are not well established or published with no website or five-star reviews then they have nothing to lose if anything went wrong and getting any kind of refund may be more difficult. We are well-established photography company, we have been in business here in Hawaii since 2004 with over 240 five star reviews and we have over 30 professional photographers on our team with numerous awards. We make sure our clients are kept happy and we strive to do our very best with the utmost professionalism and Aloha spirit.

Our photographers also have professional standard high-end cameras and the most up-to-date camera equipment that is always a must when you need to achieve a more professional look on certain difficult lighting conditions. There are lots of photographers out there that may go to Costco and buy much cheaper cameras and set up business as a photographer and there is nothing wrong with that and they may achieve fantastic results. But we want to make sure when we photograph you in low light conditions may be just after sunset time for example and we blow your pictures up for a big sized print to go on the wall we can usually tell the high end cameras from the lower end ones by the sharpness and the quality of the grain or noise in the image. For some, it may not matter but if we can improve with the very best equipment that is out there, then that is what we will always strive for. Having said that about high-end professional cameras, it is usually not the most important thing to have when taking a great picture. The most important tool for a great picture It’s the direction you give and what you say to the clients to achieve that look that can help the most in achieving a satisfying unique picture, then of course it’s the lighting, the framing and the angle of your position, along with the right lens choice is a huge benefit with good quality class. We want to make sure you are comfortable and satisfied and we realize there are many choices of great photographers in Hawaii that are out there, so shop around and seek-out a photographer you feel a good connection with. But don’t hesitate to email or call us if you have any questions about your photo shoot here in Hawaii.