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All professional photographers on Maui wish they could take pictures on the beaches of Kaanapali but we have all been banned along with all the wedding companies and private chefs who use to cook amazing meals for private clients on the beach of Kaanapali on a beautiful sunset evening. A crazy $10,000 fine can be given to anyone caught by the DLNR that goes against this rule. WHAT? YES, IT’S TRUE 🙁 Who would think of this crazy rule and force it into power? So let’s imagine this ridiculous scenario for a moment… let’s say that on Kaanapali you may see hundreds of families and couples all with big cameras they bought from Costco or Amazon and they are all capturing pictures of each other and that is no problem at all. Then suddenly you see a photographer who is doing the exact same thing as everyone else but he is getting paid to photograph the people in front of is a camera, then the CRAZY fine is dished out…:(
Well, we all know that the hotels have their own photographers who they take a commission from and they also have their own wedding companies and chefs….hmmmm I wonder who it could be who forced these rules? hmmm. The companies that are allowed to work on the beaches of Kaanapali just happened to be companies who are no threat to the hotels like boat rides and paragliding and many other companies making money who the hotels don’t have competition for and these companies actually attract people to their hotel without losing any business from them. So knowing that bigger corporations often squash the competition around them without any remorse or guilt, I will let you figure out who could be behind it all.

But have no worries there are many gorgeous beaches very close to the hotel and we can meet there.. These amazing beaches are perfect for family portraits or weddings at sunset or a morning time shoot. The other positive notes are these beaches close to Kaanapali are actually less crowded and even more beautiful, especially if you enjoy a bit more privacy. We often do family portraits and engagements & wedding in Kapalua Bay or Napili and some clients don’t mind driving a little further to the other side of Maui to stunning beaches in Wailea where it rains less and the sunsets are just as Epic.