Why come to Hawaii for your destination wedding in Paradise?

Beautiful Weddings In Hawaii
Weddings in Hawaii has been hugely popular since the 1950s and today we see more elaborate beautiful weddings all around the Hawaiian islands, Maui weddings, Kauai weddings, Oahu weddings, Big Island weddings. But there is nothing more colorful and richly detailed with such fabulous textures than Indian weddings in Hawaii. We have seen many stunning weddings of all cultures and traditions but Indian weddings take on a very different role. They can last up to five days and each day is a glorious celebration of ceremonies and activities, along with celebrations and costume changes. It’s important to know the respectful traditions when it comes to Indian wedding ceremonies, knowing what is important to photograph and knowing what is likely to happen in the celebration so you can be ready with the cameras to capture that very important tradition. We often have three photographers on our Indian weddings all shooting from different angles to make sure we have different looks and framing to show our Indian clients, especially in the beautiful wedding books we create for them. I always look forward to seeing the dancing at the Indian receptions in the evening and I am always impressed with every aunt and uncle who seems to be able to dance very well, like a Big Bollywood movie production all timed and practiced to perfection. The clothing for Indian weddings is my favorite of all cultures, mainly because of the fabrics, colors, and textures of the spectacular garments. Indian brides often will fly to India just to have their dresses specially made for their Indian wedding. The money Indian families spend on weddings is beyond anything we have ever seen and we have done quite a few million dollar weddings here in Hawaii. We have photographed Indian weddings at most of the hotels in Hawaii and we often find whenever we go back to the hotel, the wedding coordinators at the hotel that we last worked with are no longer working there. Hotels seem to change the wedding staff quite often, which says a lot about how happy they are in that position. Most of the hotels on Maui will use their own recommended wedding photographers that give the hotel a kickback, a commission that is often a 20% fee just for saying the photographer’s name to a bride. Maui is the only island that demands money from photographers and they won’t hire you unless you give them money in return and brides will not be shown any photographer, no matter how good or talented the photographer is unless they give money to the hotels. So unfairly so, that brides are missing out on talented photographers and other talented vendors on the island, so make sure you do your homework and use the internet to find other companies who will be more friendly to your budget. Hotels can also charge the clients another 20% on top of the 20% they take from photographers. We really feel it’s fair for the photographers and other skilled professional wedding vendors to keep the commission they work very hard for and we believe the wedding client should not have to pay another 20% on top of the vendors bill, so some hotels can take an extra 40% in total, 20% from photographers and vendors and another 20% added onto the clients bill just for recommending the vendors to their clients and it’s very unfair to wedding clients who already are shopping in other countries like Mexico and Europe to avoid the extra cost they may spend if they come to Hawaii. Hotels already make a big profit on every detail in the wedding planning so be careful what you sign up for at some of the hotels on Maui. Not all hotels are like this so be sure to ask questions when meeting with their hotel coordinators. It’s not only the hotels on Maui, who are treating their vendors unfairly, after reading a great article from another website we recently came across, it goes on to talk about many other Maui companies treating their vendors poorly, for more details go to  https://petapixel.com/2018/09/11/maui-wedding-venues-screwing-us-over-photographers-say/    But lets push that aside for now and don’t let that little bit of behind the scenes information spoil your fun shopping around for the right vendor. All island of Hawaii have such great talented vendors who are lovely and kind with lots of Aloha and there will be no problem in finding the best fit for your needs. We wish you all the best in your search and we hope to see you in Hawaii on your very special day in paradise. Alohaaaaaaa 😊