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When I think of all the photographers on Maui that have taken many millions of amazing photographs over the years, from families looking for fond memories of their vacation, showing off the incredibly beautiful backgrounds that Maui has to offer or the hundreds of Maui wedding photographers that the gorgeous hotels on Maui have captured spectacular weddings, some cost up to ten thousand dollars all the way up to a million dollars. These breathtaking images will be passed around social media and people from all over the world will be envious of their family and friends Maui photography memories that they also must have. Eventually they act upon their impulsive dreams to come to Maui and get their own photography, so they too can show off their portraits on the beach or their stunning hotel wedding. So in actual fact, they shape the photography industry, they turn Maui into a desired vacation experience and shape everything that Maui survives on. These pictures being passed around the internet eventually bring money to Maui and all its industries and keeps them surviving from the tourist dollars. So professional photographers here on Maui, really do have a huge roll to play in keeping the Maui economy going. So next time you see a hard working photographer on the beaches of Maui, just remember what those pictures they take with their expensive camera and equipment are actually keeping the Maui economy alive and kicking.

Maui photography on a budget is super easy to plan, there are many hundreds of good photographers here on Maui for the entire family to choose from, making it very simple to plan a family portrait on the beach. The prices of the Maui photography packages range from free all the way up to thousands of dollars for portraits or weddings. When I say free, I refer to some hotels on Maui have photography companies that tell you that your photo session is free. They tell you if you don’t like the pictures then you don’t pay anything. This sounds wonderful and it’s perfect for families not sure if they are going to like the final results of their photo session on the beach taken in the morning or sunset. Although most of the time they like their pictures and end up paying much more money than other photographers on the island of Maui. What’s also something you should keep on mind is what kind of photographer you are actually getting if they are willing to work for free. Imagine if you worked so hard for a full hour sweating in the hot sun truth to create the best family portrait you have ever seen, only to find out they just didn’t feel it was worth the money and that they will just stick to their cell phone pictures that are perfectly capable of creating wonderful memories for free.
This is why we Herr at 808 pictures make sure that all our photographers are respected and appreciated for their hard work as a professional photographer on Maui that deserves to be paid no matter what someone lies or dislikes. Art and good photography is judged by the eye of the beholder and who are we to say what is good or bad, only what is different surely?

Why do tourists on Maui look for a photographer that they can trust and feel comfortable with? We realize the important needs of our clients and what makes them comfortable during their photography session on Maui. We always like our clients to have fun and feel totally comfortable during their shoot, so adding a sense of humor and suggesting a certain playful direction to give the client and activity is key to achieving your goal.