Want your Family Portraits Taken in Waikiki?

Portraits | Weddings | Couples or Engagement Photography in the entertaining and fun area of Waikiki.

So you are a couple who’ve just landed in Waikiki and are thrilled to be walking around the busy streets filled with incredible restaurants, shopping, and great entertainment.  Now you have realized you need a photographer to capture your special Hawaii Vacation in Waikiki. You look across the road and you see lots of white Limousines galore all lined up and stuck in traffic with sweating brides with thrilly busy oversized wedding dresses worn by mostly Japanese brides getting in and out of limousines going into their packed hotel in Waikiki, this is a very common sight in Waikiki the busiest area of Hawaii. It’s the wedding package that many brides are looking for, But there are some brides or families and even couples who want to come to Waikiki and experience something very special and unique, something different that is tailor-made for them for a unique photo shoot experience. They don’t want a rented dress and a typical common wedding package sold by many hotels on the main strip, and they don’t want to have thousands of tourists in the background of their family pictures. I am talking about brides, families, and couples who are looking for something unique and very intimate and peaceful. We suggest a ride out to some of the breathtaking beaches just outside of Waikiki and away from the crowds and noise. Oahu has awesome beaches that stretch for miles and miles with gorgeous white sand and crystal clear turquoise blue waters. You may be a bride or a family looking for fun portraits or a couple who wants some romantic pictures to show the real you, relaxed and truly enjoying each other’s love in a natural way. We want you to enjoy being free and relaxed, especially enjoying the superb nature scenes that Oahu offers you, just take a short car ride away from the busy streets of Waikiki to a gorgeous beach with fewer crowds. Let 808 Pictures organize this for you, we enjoy providing you with a unique experience that you will cherish when you look back at the memorable photographs of your Hawaii vacation.