Still looking for the best and most affordable Hawaii Photographer but can not decide?

So let’s imagine you are looking for a photographer in Hawaii and you happen to be walking along a beach on Maui, and you see a beach filled with photographers from many different companies and they all shoot with different styles. You may see a family portrait photographer then you see a wedding photographer, and you walk further along and you see an engagement photographer, and then a maternity photographer, then you walk further and you see a fashion photographer.  You have seen so many photographers on your journey along the beach and you have no idea which one to choose.  So you decide to walk back and look closer at the photographers, and you notice most of them have lights and a tripod and they keep their clients still and at an exact distance from their camera because they know it works perfectly every time and they want to play it safe and make sure their clients get exactly what they saw on their website.   You may see some photographers who look angry and impatient and not so nice to deal with and their clients look confused and unhappy,  then you may see a photographer who is telling jokes and directing his clients how to pose and his clients look unsure and worried. Then you see a photographer who is lying on the sand to get a better angle for a much a better shot and you notice he is not afraid to get dirty, he has his clients playing in the water, you see him get up and run with his clients in the water as they laugh and play and have the best time of their lives on the beach for their fun and enjoyable family portrait.  This photographer has a nice camera but doesn’t have any big fancy lights that are really not needed but you know he his passionate and fearless and he really wants to make sure his clients have fun and get fantastic pictures of their family portrait photography while on vacation on Maui and he will go above and beyond the call of duty as a photographer to achieve original and fun pictures of you and your family.  Well, I know what photographer I would choose but thankfully there are so many different and talented photographers on the islands of Hawaii for all different tastes and needs so you will have no problem finding the right one for you.  Here at 808 Pictures, we have the same clients twice a year coming back to us for more fun and memorable pictures and when they travel to the different island of Hawaii they also hire us to capture them there because they know we always stay consistent and we have lots of styles to choose from and always very reliable, you can read hundreds of excellent five-star reviews on google about 808 Pictures.   Make your Hawaii photography experience one you will enjoy looking back on with fond and fun memories of the beautiful islands of Hawaii.  Enjoy shopping and let us know if we can capture some fantastic pictures for you in Hawaii.