SINCE 2004

Kauai Photographers Celebrate Their success.

Photographers on Kauai have seen a wonderful increase in tourists wanting their family portrait photography on the beach, waterfalls, or lakes, for many beautiful weddings, engagements, maternity photography, and senior portrait photography have all seen a positive increase in bookings. This is despite the camera phones being more and more technically sophisticated, there is still a great need for professional photography because it simply looks better in every way. It looks better in pixels, grain, optically, scale and perspective are far better on a professional camera. The one thing that we see in selfies is that people usually hold the phone in their hand and their faces look distorted and arms look super long and overall look awkward and unnatural.

When our photographers at 808 Pictures have very good directional skills in capturing beautiful pictures of families on the spectacular beaches of Kauai, our clients that experience this always come back again and again because they know the product we give them is a very good product. Our photography ticks all the boxes, good lighting, good framing, good angles, good direction, good time of the day, good price, good everything all guaranteed. Kauai photography professionals know they have an advantage because they have a location that nobody else has. The spectacular beautiful beaches of Kauai are perfect for family portraits and weddings, the backdrop is had to beat. Magnificent beaches of golden sand and clear waters with waterfalls in the background make your family portraits among the best in the world.

It could be why Hollywood chose Kauai to create their epic cinematography framing of many movies and it’s the same reason why the advertising and fashion industry choose Kauai to help promote their products because the beauty of Kauai is organic and truly beautiful in every direction you point your camera. I would advise renting a car preferably a 4×4 to reach some of the most magnificent scenes you will ever see on Kauai for your cherished important pictures you take back with you, will always be timeless and stunning.

Life is always worth exploring especially on Kauai and if you enjoy hiking to capture really good family portraits then Kauai is the place. You can hire a guide to take you to laces, but why not hire 808 Pictures and get two in one, a great guide, and a great photographer to capture those special moments to decorate your home. When you book with 808 Pictures, after your photoshoot you will revive a link to view your own online gallery and choose the images you like, then download the pictures, or connect to our lab and order prints that are delivered to your doorstep..