Finding a good Maui photographer when you are on a budget is very easy, but there are lots of choices and you need to make the right one so you don’t waste what little money and time you have left. If you book a photographer from craigslist or a photographer that has no online presence with Google, it’s easy for that photographer to not give you back your money, if it rains or you have some kind of emergency and need to cancel. It’s very important to boom a reliable photographer who not only is good, but it’s essential they are reliable and trustworthy.

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A seasoned professional photographer on Maui always knows the best time of day for good light during your Maui photo session. They should also know the best locations that have the most spectacular views that make your pictures more epic, so you can blow them up to a large size print for your walls. Our online lab connects to your online gallery, so you can choose any size print to decorate your home or send as a gift to your family and friends. Our affordable Maui photography packages are among the best prices in Hawaii, and the best part is the photographers on our team have been published in many international award-winning magazines and had their gallery showings for the beautiful photographs they have captured on their travels around the world. We also have the most five-star reviews in Hawaii for professional photography, we encourage you to read our excellent reviews for yourself and see what our clients are saying about 808 Pictures.