Experienced Maui Photographers | Rise up, above, and beyond

What does it take to rise up as a Maui photographer in today’s highly competitive world of the growing numbers of photographers on Maui? Knowing what your client is looking for in a portrait and what kind of personality they are by tuning into their vibes on the day of the shoot is needed before you start the photo session and sometimes their personality can change during the photo session that gives you the indication they want to go wilder and be more daring and adventurous. I can usually tell if a client is a game for rolling around on the sand, splashing in the ocean water, climbing in a tree, or just wanting some simple standard beautifully taken clean family portraits to show off on their walls at home. Knowing how much you can push your clients into your directional ideas and knowing when to back off is extremely important to maintaining a comfortable level of the direction your clients feel relaxed with.

Many of the clients that hire us for their family portrait on the beach are so excited during their photography shoot that they don’t want to stop, they feel good, look good, and can’t wait to see their pictures. It s an experience you will cherish forever and have lots of fun in the process. First of all our client’s safety is the most important making sure where you ask them to play or stand is safe and look for any dangerous slippy or high wave activity during your photoshoot.

When you feel comfortable with their safety it’s time to let loose and capture every angle, every pose, and all the playful fun emotions that are possible with that time frame you have booked with your client. Some clients start shy and not sure about their session, but is usually in a few minutes, they are full of confidence and want more. Family photography on Maui can be challenging especially when there is a younger loved one who doesn’t want their picture taken and just wants to go back to their hotel to play in the pool. So doing whatever you can to keep their attention and making it an enjoyable time for them is important to maintain a decent look for the camera. 808 Pictures certainly does go above and beyond to capture the right portrait our clients always love and come back for more family fun, family portraits on the beautiful beaches of Maui every year.