So you just arrived on Maui and you have decided to look for a photographer on Maui to capture some fun pictures while you are on vacation. 808 Pictures has lots of choices to choose from with a huge list of stunning beaches all around Maui where we have photographed family portraits, wedding photography, maternity pictures, surprise proposals, and engagement pictures. Our friendly professional Maui photographers are highly experienced as photographers and have spent many years on Maui, so we know the island from every direction and all the shortcuts and secret spots to take you.

We recommend if you want to be photographed at one of our epic waterfall locations, you will need at least 1.5 hours because we need to walk to the location and this can sometimes eat into your time booked with 808 Pictures. But once you are there you won’t regret it at all, it’s a magical dreamy paradise you will remember forever and your pictures will be cherished for a lifetime. Taking you to these special locations not many people know about is a luxury treat when you book with our team and it’s one of the reasons why we have hundreds of five-star reviews on google. Our clients return to Maui often and always hire us to capture their special moments in photography. We also have a lab that we work with that produces absolute top-quality pictures you will love especially when you blow the pictures up to large sizes for your wall or coffee table book.

Our professional services as award-winning photographers will not go unnoticed when you see how skilled our team is at directing you and the family or if it’s a wedding, you will notice how we all know where to stand so we are not in the way of your guests but we will be at the perfect spot to capture that perfect picture you will be thrilled with. There are lots of details to remember when you are getting married and we like to think we have you covered with all the important details and main family and guests pictures you may have not thought of. Our clients never stop thanking us after they see their pictures when we send them a link for them to download their photos to their computer. You get to choose what pictures you like best and download them all in ultra high resolution, so you can choose what size print you want. The prints you order from our lab are an extra cost from the package price but you can be assured they will be delivered to your door in no time at all.