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Wedding photography on Maui has seen many changes over the years since 2004 when we first opened our doors to the wedding industry, we have seen hundreds of wedding coordinators come and go from all the hotels and resorts on Maui, and we have seen some hotels close and open up as private condominiums. We have photographed at all of the hotels on Maui and have enjoyed all the beautiful displays and wedding designs for the ceremonies and evening receptions.

Wedding photography on Maui today at the hotels is more political than ever, and most hotels resorts want to take 20% from all photographers and some take another 20% from clients on top of that. So 40% extra fees by going through the hotels. We have always found that a private home or event away from the hotels are more enjoyed by most people simply because you can choose the photographer and other vendors you like and not the resort photographers who are limited in creativity due to the hotel’s insurance policy and strict guidelines. Hotels like to play it safe when it comes to pictures, this is why you always see the same shots. Bride holding flowers and cutting the cake and if the photographer goes all out he may get inspired and put the flowers on the beach and focus on the bouquet and have the bride and groom out of focus in the background and them dip a little. Boom… that’s about as creative as it gets.

Probably some of the rudest wedding coordinators we have worked with have been from Maui hotel resorts and they come and go frequently, so perhaps many of them are no longer there. We like to hear all the good stories but unfortunately, there are many bad ones, so be careful when booking a wedding and please do your homework and read the reviews properly. Wedding photography on Maui has been around for many years and we are lucky enough to be able to work on the best beaches in the world. There are many good photographers and wonderful vendors on the internet who are great to work with and have better prices than the hotels in most cases, so I am sure you will find a wedding photographer on Maui that fits your style.

Weddings on Maui have dropped over the years due to the strict rules from the DLNR and the extremely overpriced hotels, brides have been shopping in other countries and states. But one thing for sure, you won’t find a better location for backdrops than Maui and the people on Maui especially the locals who are good people and the best in the world at their craft will welcome you and your dream wedding on Maui will come true.