Top 10 Oahu photographers

How does one know how to rate the top photographers on Oahu?  To tell if a photographer knows what he is doing when it comes to family portraits on the beach, wedding photography, Engagements or Fashion photography.  When looking at a photograph you can look for the obvious signs like the lighting, the composition, the lens used and the angle that the photo was photographed.  But another way to tell if the pictures have any merit is to feel it’s energy, or how does it make you feel, what is the message,  is it directed well, does the picture have any power that tells a story or move you emotionally.  Natural pictures with fewer poses and pictures with more movement have a special quality that will be more memorable than those that are common and forced.  Oahu photographers working for 808 Pictures are all trained professional with many years of experience and have won many awards for portraits, couples, weddings, and fashion.  808 pictures now have photographers on Oahu | Maui | Kauai | Big Island

A most important skill in becoming a great photographer in Oahu is to know what to say to your clients to get the right emotion or action in your photos.  Directorial skills are more important than anything else to achieve an amazing photo that will be most memorable for your clients.  Photographers in Oahu that work for 808 Pictures can be booked for early morning sessions or sunsets on the beach.