Gone are the days when you could hire a Maui photographer who shoots the old film stock in their camera like the old days of photography that developed your pictures in a lab that took around 1 to 5 days to be ready, then people would order prints in an album for the entire family of their professional portrait taken on the beautiful beaches of Maui. Now of course everythig is didgital and you can see your Maui photoshoot in seconds and have it all online for you to download in the dame day. Gone are the days when you could photogrpah anywhwre without a permit, becuase these days you can’t even photograph on the beach without the state wanting a piece of your money, yes, they charge you a permit fee to stand on the beach. Probably the only place in the world that would want money from you for you to touch a camera on the sand. They have more rules in Hawaii for taking pictures on the beaches than in any other country on the planet.

When I arrived in Maui in 2004, I remember there used to be private chefs on the beaches at sunset who would cook for you with a beautiful private and delicious award-winning chef experience just for two. But the hotel put a stop to that because they wanted all the money to come to them, the hotels also stopped big weddings happening on beaches because they wanted the big events and weddings to come to them and nobody else, trying their best to get rid of all competition on the islands. So now to make things more difficult and unappealing, they do not allow any wedding chairs on the beaches on Maui and no flower arches, with no decor whatsoever, making tourists fleeing and going to other countries around the world for their weddings because there are no rules like they have here on Maui.

But havng said all this, Maui still has the most beauful beaches in the world for Family portraits and weddings and its the reason why people come back every year to enjoy the stunning bneauty that Maui has to offer for its photography locations that are the envy of the world. Here on the island of Maui, we have some the most tlented photographers in the world that photograph family photography, weddings, couples, engagements and fashion.