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Oahu family photographers on the beaches of Oahu, we cover Waikiki and all of Honolulu beaches for family and couples photography and wedding photography up to 25 people.  Oahu beach photography is as popular today as it has been back in the 1950s when Elvis Presley made his movies in Honolulu where you would see family photographers, engagement photography and many wedding photographers along the beaches in Waikiki and Honolulu.  Oahu has a bigger population and its roads are similar to what you would see on the mainland of America but close by are the beautiful beaches with white sand and stunning blue waters where you will see 808 Pictures photographing their clients.

What kind of equipment do 808 Pictures use for their photography clients in Oahu? We use all the flagship high-end digital cameras from Nikon to Cannon mostly and we keep our settings on ultra high resolution, so you can blow up your family portraits in Oahu on the wall or your wedding photography as big as you would like to go or you can put them in a family book or wedding book and use the Oahu pictures on your social media to show off your fabulous wedding, family photography, couples photography or fun lifestyle candid portraits of you and your family shopping in Oahu.  We do all kinds of photography in Oahu and we look forward to hearing from you so book your Oahu photography session today and let’s have fun in Oahu.