Photography in Maui

Trends in photography on Maui for 2022. Cameras are constantly changing, the resolutions are getting higher the sensors are getting bigger, lenses are getting faster, and most of the changes are happening on the phones we use every day. But what we use the pictures for is mostly Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and other social media platforms that really don’t need cameras with lots of pixels because the pictures stay a certain size on their final destination. In professional photography, we need the pixels to be higher and the sensor to be larger because when clients blow up the picture for a large wall print, we can see the quality in sharpness, pixelation, color. When it comes to lenses the phone can’t capture the same depth of field and creamy smooth bokeh that a professional high-end lens can, especially when opened up to f1.0 to f2.8 that gives a beautiful soft look to a professional picture. Maui photographers often shoot at wide open for it seems to be the trend to have soft bokeh creamy pictures, but most Maui photographers want to capture the background more because they photograph on the most beautiful beaches in the world and clients want to see the beauty of where they are staying on their expensive vacation so they can show it off on social media. so in order to see the background nice and sharp, clear focused Maui photography, shooting at f8 to f16 is preferred so the beauty of the Maui photos for family photography or Maui wedding photography can shine through in all its gorgeous colors through a perspective that is in sharp focus from close range to far distance.

Photographers on the island of Maui in Hawaii make a living in the weddings business or the family portrait business which seems to be the most popular type of business on Maui to make money from. There are more professional Maui photographers than on any island in Hawaii. Photographers just love the shape of the island of Maui and its beautiful stunning beaches and there is plenty of work for photographers on Maui all year round, on the westside and southside of Maui. Maui Family portraits, couples, senior portraits, weddings, engagements, surprise proposals, maternity, drone photographer are all accepted and mastered to be at an excellent professional standard at 808 Pictures.