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Kauai photographers at 808 Pictures have many spectacular locations for a photo-shoot. We have our favorite and very special beach locations around the Princeville area for family portraits, engagements, and weddings. Shipwrecks is an Epic location we always like to photograph on and Poipu, but it’s the more intimate and smaller beach locations that are hard to find that we love taking couples photography and small family portraits on.

Kauai for photography backgrounds is truly magnificent and you really can’t go wrong with the number of choices for family portrait backdrops in Kauai. There are so many stunning waterfalls that you see and access for those of you that are adventurous with family photography or Engagement photos. In order to achieve something special in a photograph and original, you must put some effort into it and be prepared to walk, hike and bring supplies with you like water, change of clothes, food snack, etc.

If you simply want to have some portraits taken in front of your hotel in Kauai, that can also be arranged very easily. Our experienced and friendly team of photographers are very good with all age groups for natural candid photography or posed and traditional, depending on what you prefer.

Have a read through our five-star reviews and see what our satisfied customers are saying about their experience during their family portrait, wedding photography, or engagement photography with 808 Pictures.