Only $195 for Kauai Photographers | Family Portraits | Wedding Photography | Couples Photography

Kauai photography packages have never been more affordable at 808 Pictures.  If you are looking for a family portrait photographer or a wedding photographer on Kauai, we now have a photography package that will suit the whole family.  The best Family photography for up to 25 people on the beaches of Kauai or beautiful destination weddings on the beaches of Kauai.  Our top team of professional photographers has won awards for their photography, that has been featured in magazines around the world.  Why do people come to Kauai for their fabulous family portraits or spectacular weddings?  It’s easy, it’s the scenery in the photographs that are absolutely stunning.  Kauai has some of the most impressive scenes for epic landscapes and beautiful beaches along the coast.

Kauai photographers at 808 Pictures truly enjoy the ability to be able to capture clients in the early morning sun or the glorious sunsets that Kauai is famous for.  Many Hollywood movies have been filmed in Kauai and it’s obvious why family portraits and weddings have increased 25% from the last year. We have noticed an increase in family portraits on Kaui especially, while wedding photography has increased by 18% from 2018.  Google is still the number one place our clients go when looking for a photographer on Kauai | Maui | Oahu | Big Island.  We don’t use yelp or advertise with yelp because of their unpopular and unfair treatment in business practice with photographers reviews, and their very aggressive approach to selling their services.

For family pictures or weddings, we know the importance of getting the right shot and we understand the need to capture the right lighting and what direction to give the client to get that natural and candid shot that 808 Pictures is famous for.  When our clients are relaxed and having fun, the pictures are always looking more natural and enjoyable to look at.  Having your family portrait taken on the beautiful beaches of Kauai should be an enjo9yable experience.  There may be members of the family who really enjoy having their portraits taken in Hawaii, but there could be others that are not so keen on being at the photo shoot.  The team at 808 Pictures is trained to look for the people that are not so willing to be there and we focus in getting them in the right mood with the right direction and light-hearted humor that usually works for family portraits, weddings, engagements, couples photography, fashion photography. Humor is always the cure for everything and we enjoy having fun on photo-shoots to make the experience more enjoyable.