Flying to Oahu and need a photographer fast?

This is where I am supposed to say ” You have come to the right place” Right? Well maybe you have or haven’t because I always say look around and do research on many Oahu photographers before you make a decision. Read the reviews look online for any bad credit and look at their portfolio properly and see if that photographer is the one you are looking for. You may come across the one that is perfect for you and your budget and there are plenty of Photographers on Oahu, inside the Honolulu and Waikiki area for you to choose from.

What I would like to share is many of our clients have found us because they were not happy with what they found or they actually did a photoshoot with a phtograph they found on craigslist and paid very little but they waisted so much time getting g ready and spent time getting their and a full hour being photographed. Only to find u later that their pictures were not high resolution, for their pictures were blurry or to much grain, the location wasn’t good and nobly was looking a the camera, the photgprher was rude and upset members of the family. Then they tried to complain and get their money back but the photographer they hired didn’t have any google my business account or any reviews and they have no recourse to tell anyone or warn anyone about them, they just simply lose out and start all over again. Some give up and leave Oahu without any pictures they can hang upon their wall.

There are many reasons why hiring a company like 808 Pictures works out for your benefit. 1. if it rains or for some reason you can’t make it, we will either book another date for you at no charge or we will give you 100% refund if you do decide not to do the photoshoot. This is much comfort in knowing that you have this and we alwasy want you to be happy so we go out of our way to make sure you are staisfied. We have a strong presence on google with reviews and they are all 5-star reviews so we feel comfortable in saying we have more top five-star reviews than any other company in Hawaii. This is because our clients tell us they want to leave a review and they are so happy they found us and hired us for their special day to capture loving memories of their family, wedding, maternity or senior portraits.

We guarantee our services or your money back…now I sound like car commercial :). But you get my point and I can only say we can’t aim for absolute perfection because there is no such thing. But we can aim for excellence and that is what we give on every single one of our photoshoots in Oahu. Look at our reviews, talk to our clients, look at our pictures online and see for yourselves why we get voted as the top photography team in Hawaii every year.