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Since 2004, our successful Maui photography company 808 Pictures have been the top Maui Photographers who have worked for the major hotel resorts on weddings of all sizes and family portraits on the most beautiful beaches on Maui. Our Maui photographers have been published in magazines around the world and have won awards for their skills in photography. What makes 808 Pictures popular is because of its fun style and the affordable photography prices that make it an obvious choice for most people looking for family portraits or weddings on Maui.

The most important decision of all when finding the right Maui photographer for you is to feel comfortable with the style of photography and to enjoy the personality of the photographer along with his ability to direct the photo-shoot. When it comes to booking a family photographer on Maui we always make sure our team is really proficient with children of all ages. Having fun on your Maui photography shoot all boils down to how your photographer directs you, so it’s extremely important you have the right kind of creative photographer that can make the fun happen and this is where great experience comes into play.

The best Maui photographers can be found at 808 Pictures and we pride ourselves on choosing a team with the most experience that can make you feel comfortable with the freedom to have fun at your photo shoot session. We believe our photographers are all artists and very creative at their craft, so, therefore, they should be paid properly and we don’t expect them to work for very little pay like some of the hotel photography companies have in their business model. When you choose a company at the hotels that tells you its a free photoshoot, this means you can actually buy just one picture after the shoot and you will save a lot of money. But this also means that the Maui photographer that is willing to work for little money may not have much experience as a professional photographer that they choose for you. Keep in mind this Maui photographer who has to travel all the way to meet you on the beach or waterfall on Maui and only gets paid a few dollars from the one photo you bought. So after giving the hotel their commission fee and the owner of the photography company gets their fee, then the photographer gets very little for their service and for the time they spent at the photo session and travel. It’s hardly fair for the photographers who work for them and it’s shameful these photography companies do this to their photography staff.

I would look for a photography company on Maui that is fair to their staff and hire a photography company where you know their Maui photographers have the experience, so the photographer that shows up to meet you on the beach will be happy and pleasant, knowing they can give you the right direction with the Aloha spirit that is rewarded properly for their hard work makes a truly happy photographer and a happy client.