Maui Family Photographers

Friendly family photographers on Maui specializing in family portrait photography. 808 Pictures offers photography services to the most beautiful locations for family photography on Maui. Book a photo-shoot on the beaches that Conde Nast calls the most beautiful beaches in the world. We suggest you have your family photography at certain times of the day that will make your family photos look like the front cover of a magazine. Good lighting on the face depends on how high up the direction of the light comes from. We always try to avoid certain shadows that make the face look less attractive. Direct sunlight can sometimes be too harsh for the face, so we often use a scrim or silk diffuser or photograph the clients at a certain time of the day where the light is lower and has fewer shadows under the nose and eyes, this always makes the face more attractive.

Maui has gorgeous sunsets for family photography and there are some parts of the Island that rains less than other parts of Maui, so family photography on Maui needs to be planned properly and the right timing is crucial to achieving some of the most beautiful Maui family photography you will ever see. 808 Pictures offers some of the most affordable family portraits on Maui and our packages range from as low as $195 and only takes 15 minutes. This family photography package is perfect for dads who need to go golfing or parents who have children who don’t enjoy having their photos taken, then 15 minutes is perfect for you.

How do we get your children to look at the camera for your Maui family photo-shoot? A sense of humor, playful direction, kind faces, and fun hand suggestions and sometimes cute cuddly toys or something as simple as car keys have been known to work well, shaking the keys next to the camera works amazing. Some children just absolutely refuse to look into the camera and this could depend on if they have eaten properly, and what time of the day they usually seem to be more responsive and behave more willingly. Morning photo-shoots for children work best as they have more energy usually and more wide awake for family pictures on Maui. We have lots of patience with children of all ages, so let us do the work and we will do our absolute best to get a useable picture of your loved one looking at the camera, but of course there is no 100% guarantee that we can get your child to look at the camera, as many factors are sometimes beyond our control. Some clients prefer candid natural family portraits with no posing, where the kids are playing and running around and this kind of family photography is perfect if your child is not comfortable looking at the camera for his Maui Portrait.