Kauai photographers the luckiest professionals.

Why are the photographers on Kauai among the luckiest professionals on earth? The answer is easy because they live in paradise and surrounded by absolutely stunning beautiful scenery. Anyone who visits Kauai will tell you they want to go back again and even more so when they get their pictures taken from a professional photographer that captures those special moments that they will cherish forever. Why would you choose a Kauai photographer? For obvious reason like to get the most spectacular pictures for your wall or social media accounts, you would need a professional with all the right camera equipment to make that happen. Studies have been done where more people click on professional photographers than any other images. We can tell you that our regular clients that hire us every year, seem to like Kauai as their favorite, mainly because of the pure untouched nature with epic views and less population with the real Hawaiian culture.

Whenever I have photographed a wedding where i rend to always stay at the princeville hotel, which has spectacular view of the ocean and waterfalls in the distance. A superb location for incredible photography especially for weddings and family portraits. Restaurants in kauai are very healthy conscious but they have lots pf choices for the entire family. Meeting our photography clients there for lunch has lots of restaurant options. We tend to have clients who visit all the islands and hire us to capture them on each island, and Kauai seems to have more waterfalls and epic landscapes than most of the other islands for family photography, engagements, weddings, and surprise proposals.