Hire Four Seasons Resort Maui Photographers

It’s important to note that any Maui photographer on Maui can photograph you and your family or a wedding at the Four Season Resort Maui, as long as have insurance to cover it. Most people don’t even photograph at the hotel property and prefer a nice walk to go down to the beautiful beach, which is located right in front of the resort hotel. Some photography companies that work at the hotel lobby can often offer photoshoots for free, but we all know nothing is for free, and when it comes to choosing your pictures, you end up paying lots more than most photographers on Maui. Then we must take into consideration the feelings of the unhappy photographer who spent hours on your photoshoot and gets paid nothing if you decide not to buy any images or prints from the company they work for. It all ends up being an unfair experience and this is why we prefer to pay our photographers what they rightly deserve for their hard work and experience.

Sometimes family from all over the world that visits Maui will choose the most convenient way to hire photographers and their decision ends up being photographers with a booth right at the hotel. It’s a bit like arriving at an airport and buying all your food and gifts right there at the airport when you can get a far better price, quality, and experience outside of the airport. It’s the same for some photographers at the hotel resort lobby, there are so many great photographers in Maui so I urge you to shop around and find what fits you best.

We at 808 Pictures certainly know the most important steps in taking good photography and how to go about achieving good photography that our clients have been happy with since our opening in 2004. It’s the reason why we have hundreds of five-star reviews and why clients keep on coming back for their family photography year after year. It’s not just about what lens you use or what angle you photograph the client or what camera settings you have dialed into your camera. The most important is always how you direct and what you say to clients to achieve a certain look, or what you do to get the clients in the mood for a certain type of direction and feeling, this is especially important when photographing children. This type of important skill comes with experience in the field of photography, so having direction and people skills is the best tool you can carry with you.